How to learn to spend money wisely

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How to learn to spend money wisely

Do you like spending money? Can't spend a day without shopping? Can you spend your entire salary in one week?

If you recognize yourself in this description and you are seriously concerned about your relationship with money, read on, my article is written exclusively for you 😊

How do I avoid spontaneous purchases?

First of all, read this article with the same name. In it, I give 7 tips that really work. Tested on yourself and your loved ones.

In addition to techniques, as indicated in the article, I recommend that you train your willpower and learn to negotiate with yourself. This is what we will talk about in more detail today.

So, how do you learn to spend money wisely?

💰 Postpone your purchase until the end of the month

If you have money at your disposal now, then by the end of the month it can be used expire. Or change your circumstances, or your desires. In such cases, the purchase of the desired item will not take place. However, it is also for the best. 

But there is another possible scenario: you will save the necessary amount and still buy what you wanted. Or you will be forced to save on something else in favor of the object lusts.

▪It's amazing what you will learn this technique:

Save, save, save money, deny yourself one thing in favor of another. 

💰 "Do I really need this?» 

Have you seen a profitable promotion and already want to put this product in your shopping cart? No hurry. First of all, ask yourself a question: "Did I plan to buy this item? Would I have bought it not for the stock?"

Did they respond positively? Buy now! This is a really good purchase. Negative? So you don't need it at all. If you don't buy this product, you will save money.

▪It's amazing what you will teach this technique:

Avoid unnecessary spending, buy only the right things. 

💰 30 days to think about it

Do not make large purchases on the spur of the moment. Make it a habit to first think about the feasibility of buying and only then buy. How long to think? 10, 20, 30 days — choose the most comfortable term for yourself.

During this time, carefully consider the purchase, weigh all the pros and cons. Decide if you really need this item. And if after 10-30 days you are still burning up with this purchase, definitely go to the store.

▪It's amazing what you will learn this technique:

Think about each one do not make any spontaneous purchases.

💰 Days without shopping

Start practicing non-shopping days. Let it be 5 days first, then 10, 15, and so on. On these days, it is allowed to buy only food and other necessary things for life. Everything else is forbidden.

Over time it will become easier and easier to comply with the restrictions. You will understand that happiness is not in shopping, that you can safely do without shopping and the quality of life does not suffer. 

▪It's amazing what you will learn this technique:

It is reasonable to consume, how to spend money.

Discuss it?

Tell us, do you manage your money correctly? How do you avoid spontaneous purchases? 🤑

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