How much money did Yandex Zen make in 3 months (the crisis is not a hindrance to your income)

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How much money did Yandex Zen make in 3 months (the crisis is not a hindrance to your income)

I am publishing a regular report on the income I have earned on Yandex Zen.

I will show statistics for the last 3 months.

So, my channel "ABC of Money" is a little more than 2 years old. During this time it has hosted 1,689 publications (1567 articles + 122 videos).

This spring was a quarantine crisis.

So instead of my planned stay at the seashore, I had to sit in self-isolation and write articles for Zen. 

And me I think that this is very correct! 

Because in a crisis, you can not sit idly "in the trenches", experiencing the attack of the virus and a new global crisis. In a crisis, it is necessary to be a hero — on the labor front. Otherwise, the crisis will "crush" and even wince.

According to statistics from the admin panel of my channel on Yandex Zen: 

1) 260 articles were published In 3 months

They have accumulated more than 2.7 million complete reads and 52 thousand likes.

And if you take into account that I have 6 times more articles, then you can imagine what a powerful readership "flow" comes to my articles (bringing me, thereby, money). 

I attach a screen of statistics for spring:

2) Earned more than 200 thousand rubles

I requested a Yandex.Zen income statement for may, but haven't received it yet (I'll publish it and show it to you as soon as they send it).

For now look at it a certificate of income that Zen paid me for the first 4 months of the year:

This is white income, since it has already been cleared of all taxes.

Therefore, I will refund an additional 13% (paid personal income tax) via the AIS.

3) the Main income comes from direct investments advertisers'

Daily payments from Zen are a pleasure! I get about 1000 rubles a day.

But additional income is still "a cart and a small cart".

And we are talking about amounts that are orders of magnitude higher than direct payments from Zen.

4) Why write articles on Zen for a penny

This phrase is often written to me in the comments, trying to insult me.

It is always funny to read such naive statements, because I have already earned more than 5 million.

For me, Zen is a big business that makes me a lot of money.

I have collected the main reasons that motivate me publish new articles every day

1) self-Expression

2) Fill the hand of a " writer»

3) writing a book (collect from articles)

4) Additional source of income (white PO)

5) Recognition on the Internet

6) Promotion of your main site (SEO)

7) New clients + networking

8) Revenue from direct advertising + AIS placement

9) Income from referral programs and much more

We all have our own reasons for working with Zen. What do You have? Write it in the comments section…


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The author of the article is Alexander Evstegneev


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